• Artist Statement

    I am a Los Angeles based abstract painter. My paintings share a moment in time - a pause - to express freedom of movement in an illusory infinite space.

    I am inspired by the California light and space movement, hard-edge painting and geometric abstraction. I take a fresh approach to these traditions by introducing a soft palette and delicate pattern to reframe these classic visual ideas into a new language. The focus here is on the interplay of flat surfaces colliding with a lace grid that evokes a deep space, intersected by veils of transparent color.

    I compare this contemporary grid to music in its ability to convey emotions and ideas without relying on recognizable forms. I execute the grid with calligraphic strokes that emulate the picture’s light source while consistently retaining the detailed precision of my line.


    Veda B Kaya was born and raised in Istanbul, where she became involved in the arts at a young age. She lived in Europe before her permanent move to Los Angeles, California.

    The artist graduated with her BFA from California State University, Long Beach. Her active studio work focuses solely on painting. The lifelong practice of yoga informs the richness of her imagery. Veda B Kaya lives in the Santa Monica Mountains where the beauty and solitude of nature inspire her to create.

    Kaya has been exhibiting locally since 2012, recently showing at Walter Maciel, Coagula Curatorial, Arena 1 Gallery, The Loft at Liz's, Gallery 825, Groundspace Project, San Francisco Art Commissions, Berkeley Art Center, Art Share LA and San Diego Art Institute. Artist's work is in numerous private collections in the US and Europe.